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Subsample (and or aggregation) of spatio temporal data (by using spatio temporal grid) 0 replies R-sig-geo
Autocorrelation and stationarity in spatio temporal data 0 replies R-sig-geo
Spatio temporal data modeling and variography - function (gstat) variogramST 0 replies R-sig-geo
Kriging and Spatio temporal kriging on air quality data 0 replies R-sig-geo
Problems with Spatial Kriging (krige) 0 replies R-sig-geo
Spatio-Temporal objects and kriging 1 reply R-sig-geo
spatio temporal anisotropy: help with stAni argument 2 replies R-sig-geo
Resources and Technical issues about Spatio Temporal Kriging 0 replies R-sig-geo
Help about gstat's functions for spatio temporal data interpolation 1 reply R-sig-geo
Spatio-Temporal Kriging - fitting of spatio-temporal variogram 0 replies R-sig-geo
Spatio-temporal variography: variogram parameters setting 1 reply R-sig-geo