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st_transform problem

Deurloo, Marinus

I have a shapefile from CBS/Kadaster in EPSG:28992 (Amersfoort / RD New) projection and I use st_transform to reproject to EPSG:4326. 
Small R script example:

polyPurmerend <- st_read(dsn = "c:/testTransform", layer = "Purmerend",stringsAsFactors = FALSE)
polyPurmerend_WGS84 <- st_transform(polyPurmerend,4326)
st_write(polyPurmerend_WGS84,dsn=paste0("","Purmerend_WGS84",".gpkg"),"polygon", layer_options="OVERWRITE=YES")

Unfortunately the resulting layer is at a different position.

I cannot figure out why.

Rinus Deurloo
University of Amsterdam.

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