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mapview 2.0.1 on CRAN

Tim Salabim
Dear list,

we have released mapview version 2.0.1 to CRAN yesterday. Windows
binaries have already been built and MacOSX binaries should follow soon.

As indicated by the major version bump, this release entails a few major
changes. The two most user-relevant changes are:

1. All vector data processing internally is now done using the simple
features package. Apart from providing full support for the most common
sf types this also means that mapview now returns data of class sf/sfc
even when passing a sp object to mapview. I am unsure whether anyone
ever uses the @object slot of mapview but in case people do, this is a
major change.

2. The github repository has been move from
environmentalinformatics-marburg to So to install the develop version
use devtools::install_github("r-spatial/mapview@develop")

3. There are new vector data sets (breweries, trails, franconia). The
old data sets (breweries91, gadmCHE, astStorms2005) have been moved to
library(leaflet). Thus, examples using the old data hopefully should
still work.

All changes are outlined here (still listed as as version 1.2.79)

We also have a new online documentation which can be found here

As always, feedback, suggestions, feature requests and bug reports
should be filed at

Happy mapping,

Tim Appelhans
Research Specialist, Geomarketing
GfK | Bamberger Str. 6, 90425 Nürnberg | Germany
Postal address: Nordwestring 101 | 90419 Nürnberg

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