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mapview-1.1.0 now on CRAN

Tim Salabim
Dear all,

we are happy to announce that mapview-1.1.0 is now available on CRAN.
This release marks a major update of the package.

Here's the NEWS file:

new features:
   * addMouseCoordinates: add cursor position information to mapview or
leaflet map. (thanks to Kent Russell).
   * if available from leaflet version, a scalebar is added to the map.
   * latticeView: view mapview or leaflet maps as small multiples and
sync some, all or none (thanks to Kent Russell).
   * sync: synchronise two or more leaflet maps (thanks to Kenton Russell).
   * mapshot: to save maps as html page or static image or both.
   * knitr integration (i.e. no need to call the @map slot anymore to
render in knitr).
   * cubeView: view raster bricks or stacks hovmoeller style, use keys
up & down, left & right, page up & page down to navigate through y, x, z
dimensions, respectively.
   * labels: if zcol is set, mouseover will now show the repesctive
values of zcol, if zcol is not set moseover shows feature ID. Only
available if suitable leaflet package version is installed.
   * new popup functions popupTable, popupGraph and popupImage.
   * functions to turn coordinates into spatial lines or spatial polygons.
   * mapview objects now work natively on shiny applications (i.e.
renderMapview and mapviewOutput now available).
   * "zcol = Var" in combination with burst = TRUE now plots one layer
for each unique value of the variable supplied to zcol.

   * spplot method has been removed.
   * colors: viridis based colors now default if viridisLite package is
   * basemaps: new default basemap is "CartoDB.Positron" as colors of
features are better visible on the grey background.
   * layer names now include the name of the object they originate from
(e.g. "meuse lead" instead of "lead").

   * if attribute was of class "character" mapview did through an error
if passed to zcol.
   * user provided layer names were not respected when zcol was set. See
also note on changes in default layer names.

In addition, the new online documentation is available at:

As always, feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

Feature requests and bug reports should be filed at :

All the best,

Tim Appelhans
Department of Geography
Environmental Informatics
Philipps Universit├Ąt Marburg
Deutschhausstra├če 12
Raum 00A08
35032 Marburg (Paketpost: 35037 Marburg)

Tel +49 (0) 6421 28-25957

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