land area of New Spain / Mexico 1790-present?

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land area of New Spain / Mexico 1790-present?

Spencer Graves
       Where might I find historical data on the land area claimed by
New Spain / Mexico vs. the United States, say, 1790 - present?

       I found a table of land area of the US for each census 1790 -
2000 at "", and I found maps
with narrative at

       If I understand correctly, Mexico today is just under 2 million
km^2.  With independence in 1821, it lost just over 500,000 km^2 in
Central America.  Before that, as New Spain, it lost 2.1 million km^2 in
the Napoleonic Wars eventually to the US in 1803. If this is correct, it
was roughly 4.6 million km^2 prior to the Napoleonic Wars.  This does
not count the loss of Florida and islands in the Pacific and the
Caribbean, which I think are smaller than these other territories.

       Spencer Graves

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