adehabitat: Working with enfa() function using *asc files

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adehabitat: Working with enfa() function using *asc files

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Dear R-Sig-Geo Members,

 ?????? Many years ago I used enfa() function of adehabitat package with my
*asc files with environmental variables and my script works very well,
but now adehabitat is deprecated and there are many versions of
adehabitat. I install the adehabitatHS but for doesn't work with my *asc

 ?????? My objective was create a data2enfa object and for this I used
manually all the functions in an old adehabitat package (kasc2df,
import.asc, as.kasc and data2enfa) but doesn't work too. In my script I

#Create enfa analysis object
pinkdata <- data2enfa(as.kasc(list(tmax=import.asc("tmax.asc") ,
tmin=import.asc("tmin.asc"))), pink.sub.pnt@coords)

 ??Error in count.points(pts, kasc) :
 ?? w should inherit the class SpatialPixels

 ?????? I need to create a data2enfa object using *asc files as tab and
organism position pink.sub.pnt@coords as pr in enfa1 <-
enfa(dudi.pca(tab), pr,?? scannf = FALSE).

 ?????? Please, any member that work with *asc files and ENFA help me?

Thanks in advanced,


Alexandre dos Santos
Prote????o Florestal
IFMT - Instituto Federal de Educa????o, Ci??ncia e Tecnologia de Mato Grosso
Campus C??ceres
Caixa Postal 244
Avenida dos Ramires, s/n
Bairro: Distrito Industrial
C??ceres - MT                      CEP: 78.200-000
Fone: (+55) 65 99686-6970 (VIVO) (+55) 65 3221-2674 (FIXO)

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