WinGRASS/rgrass7/rgdal issue

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WinGRASS/rgrass7/rgdal issue

Roger Bivand
The issue raised at is
difficult to address. On Windows, using the latest CRAN binary rgdal and
rgrass7 for reading the WinGRASS 7.8.5 location projection, g.proj looks
at PROJ_LIB, which is that defined when rgdal was loaded.

The CRAN Windows binary rgdal package was built with the PROJ version
bundling EPSG 10.008, but WinGRASS 7.8.5 has EPSG 9.8.6. Because the
tables and field names changed EPSG 9 -> 10, WinGRASS g.proj fails to read
PROJ proj.db.

If you see this, remotes::install.github("rsbivand/rgrass7") will help,
but it does not resolve the problem of RGDAL overwriting the PROJ_LIB
environment variable.

Attempts will continue to find ways to leave the environment variable used
by g.proj alone in rgdal, as this ESPG 9/10 incompatibility will affect
interactions between builds of rgdal binaries used with other software
built using proj.db based on EPSG on the "other" side of the


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