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Variable importance plot - bar plot

Enoch Gyamfi Ampadu
Dear List,

I hope this finds you well. Please I have done a Land cover classification
using randomForest. I used selected satellite image bands as input
variables. I have four thematic classes. I obtained the general variable
importance using: varImpPlot (my model) . Now I want to have bar chart plot
showing each thematic class and the variable importance for each class.
That is, how each band is ranked in predicting a thematic class. I tried
using this function:

importance = varImp(my model, scale= TRUE)

plot (importance.

However it did not work. I tried to put in geom= "bar". And I had error.

Please I will be glad to get some assistance.

Thank you.

Best regards,


Enoch Gyamfi - Ampadu

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