Spatio-Temporal Kriging - fitting of spatio-temporal variogram

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Spatio-Temporal Kriging - fitting of spatio-temporal variogram

Bruno Sesti
I am trying to do spatio-temporal kriging. At the moment I was focusing on
the creation and fitting of the empirical variogram
SoI would likre to ask the following question about this issue: how can I
know what value I have to set for parameter range, sill, nugget and model
for the vgm models that have to be set in the function fit.stVariogram,
relatively to the space variogram model, the time variogram model and, if
it is required, the joint variogram model?
I tried to set values (for range, sill, nugget and theoretical model for
each vgm (space, time, joint), using reasonable values and in line with the
defined values, for example, for spatial and temporal ranges and for
spatial and temporal lags.

Kind regards.

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