Sirad for hourly extraterrestrial solar radiation

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Sirad for hourly extraterrestrial solar radiation

Hello everybody,

I use SIrad for estimating daily extraterrestrial solar radiation for
Sardinia using dem, in this way


DAY    = "2019-02-13"

dem$Ra <- extrat(dayOfYear(DAY),


now I need to map hourly values for specific hours, but when I calculate

I obtain the whole set of 24 values for each grid point, ma question is ..
how can I extract and plot only specific hourly values, for example maximum
values (12 o' clock)?  

Thank you

Regards, Michele



Michele Fiori

ARPAS - Agenzia Regionale per la Protezione dell'Ambiente della Sardegna
Dipartimento Meteoclimatico - Servizio Meteorologico Agrometeorologico ed

Viale Porto Torres 119 - 07100 Sassari
Tel + 39 079 258617 Fax +39 262681




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