Resources and Technical issues about Spatio Temporal Kriging

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Resources and Technical issues about Spatio Temporal Kriging

Bruno Sesti
I am trying to do spatio temporal kriging. I have produced some prediction
maps, but during the process, I noticed something of strange:
during the execution of the function krigeST I saw a high usage of RAM
memory and Disk, which sometimes produced the crash of RStudio. It is
normal? I am using a spatio-temporal grid of about 2000 points as 'newdata'
parameter in krigeST function.
Another issues is that the result of the function krigeST seems to be a
multiple map (for example I made a temporal grid of length 2, so I got 2 in
1 prediction  map as the result of krigeST). I am not sure if the "number"
of prediction maps depends on the length of temporal grid. In any way, it possible to obtain a unique prediction map as the result of
krigeST (as in the pure spatial context, for example)?

Kind regards.

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