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Request suggestions for R/GRASS demonstration

Don MacQueen
I have the opportunity in the next few weeks to illustrate the use of
R to some co-workers, mostly hydrogeologists, in an informal
seminar-like setting. I will be simultaneously showing how I use R to
support our environmental restoration and environmental monitoring
programs, and hoping to interest the audience in using R.

I have some material prepared already, but I think it would be a nice
addition if I could include a short demonstration of R and GRASS
working together. I have very little GIS experience, and it consists
mostly of using ArcView software to do trivial mapping. So this will
be a challenge.

The data I have available consist of chemical concentration and water
level data from a large number of ground water monitoring wells (on
the order of 400 wells within an area of approximately 1700 by 1700
meters). There are also some smaller data sets of soil measurements.
One of the illustrations I have already prepared is to simply contour
the water level data monthly over a period of about three years.

I don't have to use local project data. For example, a simple
statistical analysis of attribute data of California counties would
be of interest to the audience, I think; something where the
statistics need R but the mapping, or something requiring the
capabilities of a GIS system, done in GRASS would suit.

I will be using unix-based computers to do this (Apple's OS X, to be
specific) and have R 2.0.1 and GRASS 5.4 and 5.7 installed.

I realize this is a rather general request, and that I'm not giving
r-sig-geo readers much to work with. None the less, any suggestions
at all would be much appreciated.

Thank you
Don MacQueen
Environmental Protection Department
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Livermore, CA, USA