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Re: Unexpected configure error following recent rgeos release?

Roger Bivand
Dear Carl,

Thanks for reporting this issue. Note that I did post early in September
about the possibly breaking changes in this release (not breaking
configure, but changing exception handling to try to free memory properly
on exception (topology exceptions being common).

I think that the underlying issue is as seen in:

that is one change in mid August caused by chaos in the GEOS RCs (the
version string started including the RC? tag -

which also led to the second change to rgeos/, to use
geos-config --cclibs instead of --libs (to avoid the broken version
numbers). There was no problem on CRAN's Debian (testing) on submission. I
assume that this is a GEOS versioning issue, so I've committed a patch to
R-Forge (r580) to continue to use geos-config --libs for GEOS < 3.7.0, and
only use --cclibs >= 3.7.0. Either wait for R-Forge to generate a new
tarball (tomorrow Monday for you if in California, watching for rev: 580, then
install.packages("rgeos", repos="")), or
download configure, and insert into the 0.4-1 tarball if
you can test this immediately. I don't have an installed GEOS 3.5.1 (the
latest release for stretch, I think), so I can't check the output of
geos-config --cclibs.

sf has slightly different code for setting up GEOS shared
objects, and uses --clibs and --static-clibs, not --libs or --cclibs.

The underlying problem was GEOS releasing RC bundles with broken
versioning strings that added RC? to version strings and shared object
version strings. Released GEOS seems to be OK, but checking against betas
and RCs is normal practice to secure forward compatibility.

Hope this helps,


On Mon, 22 Oct 2018, Carl Boettiger wrote:

> Dear Roger, R-Sig-Geo list,
> Since the release of rgeos 0.4.1 on Friday, I am now unable to install
> the package on debian:stretch where previously the package has always
> installed fine with the standard libgeos-dev libraries.  Installation
> now throws the following error:
>    configure: error: initGEOS_r not found in libgeos_c
> A more complete trace from the installation is pasted below.  I'm
> building with R 3.5.1; the previous version of rgeos still installs
> fine on the same system.  Thanks for your help.
> Sincerely,
> Carl
> package ‘rgeos’ successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked
> CC: gcc configure:
> CXX: g++ configure: rgeos: 0.4-1
> checking for /usr/bin/svnversion... no configure: svn revision: 579
> checking for geos-config... /usr/bin/geos-config
> checking geos-config usability... yes
> configure: GEOS version: 3.5.1
> checking geos version at least 3.2.0... yes
> checking geos-config clibs... yes
> checking geos_c.h presence and usability... yes
> checking geos: linking with libgeos_c... no /usr/bin/ld:
> cannot find -lgeos collect2:
> error: ld returned 1 exit status configure:
> Install failure: compilation and/or linkage problems.
> configure: error: initGEOS_r not found in libgeos_c.
> ---
> Carl Boettiger
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