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Babak Naimi-2
There are several packages available in R to do ecological niche modelling.
One easy-to-use option would be the sdm package. It is a comprehensive
modelling and simulation framework to fit species distribution models
supports several algorithms, and also is user-friendly. You can find a
tutorial for a quick start at:

Good luck,

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> Subject: [R-sig-Geo] Question  niche based model whith R
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> ?Hello dears,I work on the modeling of the ecological niche of striga, I
> have presence data (data) and bioclimatic variables and other variables
> around.Indeed, my question how should I proceed to model the ecological
> niche with software R??Pending receipt of my request, please accept my best
> regards.SADDA Abou-Soufianou --------------------------------------
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