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Problem with splm

Hulényi Martin

when I run the spatial 2sls from the splm package using the spgm command, I get an error that the panel is unbalanced, even though it is balanced: The data
Classes 'pdata.frame' and 'data.frame': 4680 obs. of  63 variables
The spatial weight matrix (inverse distance):
    List of 3
     $ style     : chr "W"
     $ neighbours:List of 260
     $ weights   :List of 260
The conducted regression:
             data=pdata.natura1, listw=dm1.lw,
             model="within", lag=TRUE, spatial.error= TRUE,
             endog=~lefpayr, instruments=~area_prop,
Error in spsarargm(formula = formula, data = data, index = index, listw = listw,  :
  Estimation method unavailable for unbalanced panels
[1] TRUE
Can anyone please tell me where is the mistake?

Best regards,

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