Postdoctoral position (OpenGeoHub): integrated proximal and remote sensing of soil

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Postdoctoral position (OpenGeoHub): integrated proximal and remote sensing of soil

Tomislav Hengl-5

Application Deadline: 20th of September 2020
Possible start date: 15th of November 2020
Duration: 2+ years,
Job location: Agro Business Park 10, Wageningen, the Netherlands
Bruto monthly salary: The gross monthly salary starts at € 2.720,- (with
possible bonuses)
Job type: Post-doctoral researcher
Fields: pedometrics, soil spectroscopy, remote sensing, predictive
modeling, soil organic carbon, data science
Employer: OpenGeoHub foundation

OpenGeoHub foundation is looking for a Post-doctoral researcher in the
field of proximal and remote soil sensing, with a proven experience of
fitting soil-spectroscopy calibration models, harmonizing and managing
laboratory soil measurements, estimating soil organic carbon stocks
using combination of remote sensing and soil spectroscopy, and has
experience in programming in R and/or Python. We especially welcome
candidates with interest in developing and implementing novel modeling
techniques that help bridge the gaps between field-based proximal
sensing, and satellite-based remote sensing of soil. The candidate would
work for OpenGeoHub on current and future international projects
including the “Soil Spectroscopy for global good” (global data sets;
project lead by WHRC) and the H2020 project “AgriCapture — Developing
EO-powered services to promote soil carbon sequestration through
regenerative agriculture” (EU-wide data sets). The candidate would also
actively contribute to the data portal and similar
global datasets produced and maintained by OpenGeoHub.

"Help us make better data and better software for a better world!"

To apply for this position visit:

T. (Tom) Hengl
Technical support / Vice Chair
The OpenGeoHub Foundation
Visiting address: Agro Business Park 10, 6708PW Wageningen, NL
Tel: +31 (0)317 427537

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