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NetCDF OPeNDAP , R and Windows

Capehart, William J
Hello All:

I have undergrad students working with the R package with tablet PCs running Windows that are issued by the university via RStudio since that is what they will be trained on when they take their stats coursework.  I am trying to set things up so they can access data from our OPeNDAP server.

However, when windows runs it they are hit with the following error (which I also get on my windows build).

Specifically we are working with the ncdf4 package.

Error in R_nc4_open: NetCDF: Unknown file format
Error in nc_open(filename = URL_85) :
  Error in nc_open trying to open file

This happens with other OPeNDAP-strored files as well.

All is well when working in the unix environment.  Windows, not so much.

I have JFGI’ed for solutions that don’t involve Cygwin and am not finding much of a solution.

Is the problem with the developer of the R package or is the Windows libraries not OPeNDAP-compatible by virtue of existing on the Windows side of the game.

Otherwise is there a solution that does not require downloading everything for Windows users?

(And yes, I’ve pounded the table bringing in Macs as an official species of laptop.  They keep saying no.)

Cheers and Thanks Much
Bill Capehart <[hidden email]<mailto:[hidden email]>>
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